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Remark: This article describes Compatibility of the original game discs with Windows. For information on newer versions (like downloadable Steam games), see Steam.

Windows XP was an Operating System for the PC by Microsoft. It was published in 2002 and is now obsolete, since it is no longer supported with updates.

Windows XP, as well as the older Windows 2000 was released when the Classic-Tomb Raider Games were already on the market. In some cases they are not compatible with it, meaning that the game might crash after being started or not start at all.

Tomb Raider Games for Windows XP

using third party software

The following game will work with Windows XP by using Glidos or DosBox:

Windows XP no longer supports real mode DOS. If the hard disc is not formatted with NTFS, you may also use a DOS boot disk to start the system.

using compatibility mode and or patches

The following games will work with Windows XP by either using the compatibility mode and/or an unofficial patch.


The following games will work in Windows XP. For some of these Service Packs have to be installed.