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In this Manual of Style you can learn how to style WikiRaider.


To keep capitalization consistent, we have decided to use "title-style" capitalization on keywords and headlines within WikiRaider.

  • Capitalize Key Words (unless the original item is not capitalized) also when they occur as link.
  • Capitalize every words in Headlines except:
*articles ("a", "an", "the")
*coordinating conjunctions ("for", "and", "nor", "but", "or", "yet", "so")
*prepositions ("of", "to", "in", "for", "on")
  • Always capitalize "Lara" and "Tomb Raider"!


WikiRaider articles should not be written from a first person view. The pronoun I (or we) should not be used unless it's part of a quote.

Use of the second person pronoun you is discouraged unless part of a walkthrough. Instead refer to Lara Croft, any other subject of the text or use the passive voice.


Refrain from using typographic apostrophes ( ’ ). Always use the straight apostrophe ( ' ) instead.


Use the ampersand & for headlines only. In a text use and instead.

Date Format

WikiRaider accepts the following two date formats.

  • 30 June 2015 (preferred, common in BE)
  • June 30, 2015 (alternative, common in AE)

To avoid confusion always use the name of the month (January, February...) instead of a number. Do not shorten them.