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Welcome to WikiRaider: Guideline Changes. On the following page Editors can learn what has changed since their last visit. These changes are more clarifications on how things should be within WikiRaider.

Usage of pngs

When adding images to the wiki, make sure you use mainly jpgs unless it makes sense to use pngs (e.g. when transparency is necessary). A common screenshot (in high resolution) is usually over 2MBs in size as png, but only 100-400k as jpg.

Minor Edits

As each minor edit still creates a major entry to the database, please refrain from making minor changes that are not really necessary, e.g. adding the {{perfectname}} template or changing the date format according to the new guidelines. Such tasks can be done when changing something else within the article. Correcting spelling mistakes or errors on the other hand are always worth an edit!

So in short:

  • Style Corrections - not worth their own minor edit
  • Mistakes - always worth their own minor edit

Date Format

Please consult the WikiRaider:Manual of Style for the correct date format. Dates in WikiRaider have been somewhat of a mess. From now on we will be using the following format when writing new articles or making other changes to existing ones:

  • Day Month-by-Name Year
Example: "30 June 2015"

Page Layout for Disambiguation Pages

Please refer to the WikiRaider:Disambiguation article to learn more. In short the layout for disambiguation pages should look like this:

  1. Intro Text
  2. {{disambig}} Template
  3. Linklist
  4. Related Links
  5. <gallery></gallery>

Perfect Name Template

Please refer to WikiRaider:Perfect Article Names to learn more. When adding the {{perfectname}} template to an article a little icon is added to the right end of the top line. This template may not be placed at the beginning of an article, as it creates an empty line at the beginning. Please add it at the very end.

Important: A disambiguation page can not have the perfect name template. It is either a disambiguation, or it is a proper article using the perfect name.