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Getting Started is an introduction to WikiRaider for editors.

First of all we would welcome you to the editors community. Before you start editing, you should familiarize yourself with the Wiki code and the way we run things at WikiRaider.

The Help File can guide you on this journey, however you might find it overwhelming at first, that's why this Getting Started was set up.

Starting Small

When starting your work on WikiRaider you should start small, by correcting typos, adding more information and so on. Please refrain from starting new articles at first, until you get the hang of working on WikiRaider.

A common mistake by newbies is that they create articles that already exist, just under a different name. (A redirect page should be set up instead.)

The Wiki Code and Formatting

To familiarize yourself with the basic Wiki Code, you should use the Cheatsheet, found in the Help. You can try out formatting using the Playground.

Also make sure that your article follows the basic Article Layout, including a bold Title, the inclusion of links and a categorization.

Questionable Content

Often new editors register to add information they have found out about a new game. That is of course okay, but most of the time the content is very questionable. Such additions should always be accompanied by a reliable source.

Common Mistakes

You might also want to check out the Common Mistakes to steer clear of them.