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Hey there, fellow Tomb Raider. You might find one or the other entry in this wiki which you do not agree on, naturally I don't know everything for sure and some information is just not certain, for example what happened to Lara's parents and what's her fathers name.

I won't allow you to edit entries as I don't have the means to make regular backups and a hacker might ruin everything. It's not you I don't trust, it's the guy with the evil smile.

However you are more than welcome to give comments (click the discussion button on top of the page) on existing entries I will add your information to the database if it seem relevant and not made up.

This is not the best place to start a full lenght discussion about some things so please if this might turn into a longer argument - not meant in a totally bad way, but if it's a thing that people might not agree on - please move over to our forum and start a new discussion there, you can post a link to the entry you are referring to so everybody there knows what you are talking about.

Now I only hope that this A to Z is something that interests you, and gives you something to learn, to think about and to discuss and I hope that there aren't to many mistakes in it.