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| Secrets    =  
| Secrets    =  
| Special    =  
| Special    =  
| Location    = [[Croft Manor ({{sottr}})]]
| Location    = [[Kuwaq Yaku]]
| Hub        =
| Hub        =
| Chrono      = 1
| Chrono      = 1

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Where the Twins Confer
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Flashback Scene
Length (*)
Location Kuwaq Yaku
Level Chronology:
Brave Adventurer Where the Twins Confer Path of the Living

Where the Twins Confer is the seventh Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, taking place in the Peruvian Jungle and Kuwaq Yaku.


Jonah and Lara Croft set off towards Kuwaq Yaku. To get there they have to use a bridge that they first have to figure out how to raise. On the other side they soon run into a patrol of Trinity soldiers that can't get their Paladin armoured vehicle moving, it is stuck in the mud. One by one they get rid of them.

They follow a tunnel that leads them to the outskirts of Kuwaq Yaku. Here they meet Abby Ortiz who promises to help them. But first Lara has to find the ruins that lead to the Hidden City.


  • Find Kuwaq Yaku
  • Get past the Trinity patrol
  • Find Kuwaq Yaku
  • Burn the barrier
  • Find Kuwaq Yaku
  • Find the ruins