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Bolivia - The Looking Glass is the eighth and final level of Tomb Raider Legend


Story Intro

"It's time to return to Bolivia and finally learn what these ancient artifacts can do. Amanda must want to activate the stone dais as well. Perhaps she knows its purpose, or only thinks she does." |}

1st Section At the beginning you will be attacked by Rutland and his mercenaries. Swing Excalibur towards them to attack. It's much more effective, than the normal weapons. Some of your opponents might lose medipacks. More and more enemies will arrive on the platform. Shoot them all.

At the end of the fight you'll witness Rutland die. Lara tells Amanda that she's sorry and turns her back on her to use Excalibur with the stone dais. Amanda will stop her. She calls out to her and then uses the crystal around her neck to transform.

2nd Section Now it's time for the final battle. You have to use Excalibur to attack the flying Amanda-Monster. Some players had good experience, using "Advanced Hold" instead of the standard combat mode. You should try which one suits you best. Some also reported that they had more success, holding down the "Lock-on Target" button once they had gotten Amanda in sight. The creature will attack with fiery energy blasts. It's difficult to evade them. You have better chances of evading if you stay a bit away from the creature, for example staying in the circle in the middle while shooting at her and always running to the corner furthest away. So you keep swinging Excalibur at the monster, till it falls to the ground. Now hurry. (Lara is quicker, when you roll and jump.) Run towards the fallen creature and poke the sword into it, by pressing interaction, as shown. Amanda's human figure will appear for a moment. The creature will then rise again and regain some of it's strength. That's normal. Keep on putting pressure on the beast till it goes down the next time. Each time it will regain less and less of it's life bar. Repeat the attack about three times and the fourth time you will be able to kill the creature.

Lara will now stick the sword into the stone dais and get out her scrap book, where she took notes of the right combination of mystical symbols. The mystical gate appears out of the ground and Lara's mother appears on the other side. Lara calls out the her and tells her that it's her daughter speaking to her. Might seem a bit familiar. That's right, Lara herself was talking to her in the past; through the mystical gate. Lara tells her to leave alone the sword, but Amanda tells her that she has to pull out or the gate on her side would explode. Amelia does as Amanda tells her. - The circle is complete and Lara's mother disappears. Lara, finding out, that it was Amanda's fault that she lost her mother is angry. But she spares Amanda's life.

Secrets: None Unlockables: Nothing: Bolivia Redux Cinematics, Cheat 1, Unfortunate video & Swimsuit Outfit Time Trial: Bolivia Redux Object Models, Special Forces, Urban Outfit, Cheat 8 & (If collected all Gold secrets) cheat 0