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Voice Commands is a feature available in the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider (2013).

PlayStation 4

To activate this feature on the PlayStation 4, go to Options -> Gameplay -> Voice Commands from the Main Menu and turn it "on".


(Please note that some commands like special ammunition or weapons attachments will not work if you haven't unlocked it yet.)


  • "pause" enters the pause menu
  • "show map" opens up the map
  • "resume" or "close" closes the menu or the map

To navigate through the map, you can jump to a certain tab with the following commands:

  • "skills" moves to the skills tab in the map menu
  • "map" moves to the map tab in the map menu
  • "documents" moves to the documents tab in the map menu
  • "relics" moves to the relics tab
  • "gear" moves to the gear tab


  • "bow" equips the bow
  • "rifle" equips the rifle
  • "shotgun" equips the shotgun
  • "pistol" or "(hand)gun" equips the pistol

  • "fire" switches to fire arrows if bow equipped or fire shotgun shells if shotgun equipped
  • "explosive" switches to explosive arrows is bow equipped
  • "regular" switches back to regular ammunition for the weapon currently equipped
  • "stealth" attaches the silencer of an equipped weapon
  • "silencer" attaches or removes the silencer of an equipped weapon