Vicar Mark II

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The Vicar Mark II is a Weapon in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It is the first Assault Rifle Lara finds in the game. She takes it off a dead Trinity mercenary in the Peruvian Jungle. Like all the other Trinity long guns it is named after clerical professions, e.g. the Bishop shotgun. It occupies the rifle slot in Lara's load-out and can be selected by pressing right in the d-pad.

Standard issue assault rifle for Trinity Forces. Balanced and reliable in any climate, or situation.
On-screen Info


Note: Upgrade costs on hard difficulty; may differ on other settings.

Damage Upgrades

Precision milled barrel allows rounds to fire with no disruption in trajectory, for increased damage
Resources needed: 5 Salvage, 2 Black Powder
Level 3 upgrade
A chrome plated barrel means rounds fired without resistance, for increased damage.
Resources needed:
Level 4 upgrade

Accuracy Upgrades

A hide-wrapped stock increases comfort and reduces kickback for increased recoil stability
Resources needed
2 Cloth, 3 Hide
Level 1 upgrade
Improved grip allows for a more comfortable hold and better recoil compensation.
Resources needed: 3 Salvage, 2 Hide
Level 2 upgrade
Redirect released propellant gases when firing, to counter recoil and barrel lift.
Resources needed: 4 Salvage, 3 Fat, 2 Black Powder
Level 3 upgrade

Rate of Fire Upgrades

Smoothed firing pin allows for increased rate of fire.
Resources needed: 3 Salvage, 1 Fat
Level 1 upgrade
Redirect released propellant gas into the receiver to auto-cycle loading of the next round, improving firing speed.
Resources needed: 4 Salvage, 4 Black Powder
Level 3 upgrade

Reload Speed Upgrades

Metal sheeting protects the user from heated barrel, allowing for faster reload.
Resources needed: 3 Salvage, 2 Hide
Level 2 upgrade
Hide wrapping on magazine increases faster reload speed.
Resources needed: 4 Salvage, 4 Empress Jaguar Hide
Level 3 upgrade
Two magazines taped together, for quick access to a second mag and increased reload speed.
Resources needed: 7 Salvage, 6 Empress Jaguar Hide
Level 4 upgrade

Ammo Capacity Uprades

A significantly larger magazine allows more rounds to be fired before needing to reload.
Resources needed: 3 Salvage, 4 Emperor Jaguar Hide
Level 1 upgrade

Gold Edition

In September 2018 players could claim a golden edition of the Vicar Mark II by subscribing to the official Tomb Raider Twitch profile. For this to work, one had to first sign up for a Square Enix Account on the official web page and connect the game with it. The reward could then be claimed by clicking the corresponding "claim reward" button.