VCI Soldiers

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VCI Soldiers

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Classification Human
Weapons Gun
Weakness slow

The VCI Soldiers are heavily armoured enemies encountered in Tomb Raider Chronicles, the fifth game in the Tomb Raider Series. They are quite dangerous as they can kill Lara with two shots.


These enemies wear heavy brownish suits with silver, red and black applications, and helmets, that make them hard to kill, but it also slow down their movement.


These enemies only appear in the VCI Section of Tomb Raider Chronicles.

This enemy is the first that can be encountered in the VCI headquarters.


The guns they carry are quite powerful and can kill Lara quickly. Their heavy armour shields them from Lara's bullets.


The best strategy against them is to perform a headshot by using the HK Gun in Sniper Mode. Another way to get rid of them without taking a risk is using Chloroform on them.

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