Undead Knights

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Undead Knights
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The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Undead
Distinctiveness Can not be killed
Weapons Sword, on couple of occasions a fire sword
Weakness Can't climb on platforms

Undead Knights are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


Thin human skeleton figures with armours, helmets, swords and shields. The Undead Knights with fire swords seem more decorative.


Encountered with fire swords
Encountered with fire swords


The Undead Knights armed with fire swords can swing waves of fire at Lara. If she get's hit by one, she starts to burn.


Since the Undead Knights can not be killed, it's generally best not to waste ammo on them. If there's a suitable ledge over a pit, or for example in the level Eckhardt's Lab there are two pits of boiling water, the Knights can be shot at to make them fall off the ledge.

They are rather powerful, so try to find a block or a platform where it's safe.

Whenever the Undead Knights appear armed with fire swords there is some water nearby, just in case if Lara catches fire. This occurs only in the levels Wrath of the Beast and Neptune's Hall.

In the Level Wrath of the Beast

The Knights appear after Lara has picked up the Earth Crystal. They're armed with fire swords, and it's best to keep moving and trying to locate the two levers on side walls to open the exit. If Lara catches fire, there are two water showers where the fire can be extinguished.


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