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Trinity is an organization first featured in Tomb Raider (2013), returning in the Dark Horse Comics, in Volume 2, Secrets and Lies, and in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider (2013)

Trinity is first mentioned in the GPS Secrets set of Documents in TOMB RAIDER.

Apparently Trinity was also interested in the mystery that surrounds the island of Yamatai. The organization had sent an operative to Yamatai in order to acquire the Star Phenomenon. It is not know what exactly the Star Phenomenon is.

The motives of Trinity are uncertain, as well as the organization's purpose and further details of it, e.g. who are its members, who is their leader.

Mentions of the Trinity

  • The very first time "Trinity" is mentioned in-game is at Shantytown during the No One Left Behind level. As Lara is searching to find a way into the Solarii fortress after the death of Grim, Conrad Roth is helping her by sniping off enemies with his rifle. A radio signal is heard, with a lot of static:
Rescue chopper N888RC responding to SOS, inbound from freighter Trinity.
In-game dialogue[1]
As Conrad Roth tries to respond, there's no answer other than static and interference.
Was there some other person... or group... interested in this island? I don't have time to make sense of this now.
The complete contents of the document do not give much details on what Trinity is and what their intentions are:
Command to Operative

Trinity is concerned.


Acquisition of Star Phenomenon unacceptable.


Sabotage of Axis operation imperative.

Unknown: Mysterious Orders[2]
  • The final and the most revealing mention of the Trinity is on the Unknown: Failed Mission document. Lara has figured out that Trinity is an organization, but their task still remains unknown.
That name again... Trinity. Some kind of organization. But who are they? And how do they know about this island?
The contents of the document also refer to Mathias, and how he was close to acquire the Star Phenomenon, which is also of interest of Trinity:
I was sent here to investigate a new threat to Trinity's interests on this island. When I arrived, I discovered Mathias and his Solarii Cult. I believed then that Mathias could never acquire the Star Phenomenon, but I was wrong. I should have killed him when I had a chance, but now it's too late.

I've been compromised and mortally wounded, my mission incomplete. My time is short.

If you've deciphered the numbers and found this stash, then you must be my replacement. Kill Mathias! He's close to reawakening the enemy that has long lain dormant. This cannot be allowed to happen.
Unknown: Failed Mission[3]


As Mathias's primary objective was to resurrect Himiko, the Sun Queen, we can assume that she is the "enemy that long lay dormant" and that the Star Phenomenon is the means to do it, but from the game we can get no confirmation of this. When Himiko failed to possess Sam the phenomenon dissipated and presumably is lost.

Tomb Raider Comics

In the second story arc of the Tomb Raider Comics by Dark Horse, told in Volume 2, Secrets and Lies, Trinity plays a vital role.


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In Rise of the Tomb Raider

In Rise of the Tomb Raider's storyline, Trinity has covered up the events that happened on Yamatai. They follow Lara first to Syria and later to Siberia in the search for the Divine Source. This legendary artefact, presumably hidden in the lost city of Kitezh by an immortal Prophet, is said to grant immortality.

In the course of the game Lara finds out that her stepmother Ana has been a Trinity operative all along and that she was placed in her household to spy on Lord Croft's research. It turns out that he, too, knew of Trinity and their intentions to use the Source to bring about a new world order.

The Remnant, the descendants of the people of Kitezh, who have been protecting the Source for generations, also know a lot of details about Trinity. It is revealed that the Order of the Knights of Trinity were the ones who drove the Prophet and his followers from the Byzantine Empire around 970-980 AD. Their roots my even be older that that. They represent the Church in the West[4], as it was called by the Prophet's followers. Their precise connection to the church of Rome and the Pope is unknown, though.

Trinity has a lot of resources at their disposal. Not only do they send a private army, supplemented by hired hands and mercenaries to Siberia to deal wit the Remnant, the also seem to have operatives in every important area of the world.

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara finds out that Dr. Dominguez is the leader of Trinity. She first meets him in Mexico, just as a deadly Tsunami is about to hit the town of Cozumel. He takes the Key of Chak Chel from her which she just retrieved from the Dig Site outside the village. It seems that Trinity has been looking for this Artifact for quite some time now and has people searching for the Box of Ix Chel all around Middle- and South-America, eg. Brazil.

Later in Peru she finds out that Trinity has already moved in with heavy weapons like the Paladin armoured vehicles or the Cardinal helicopters. Like in Mexico they employ a tactic of helping the local population with supplies to gain their trust, enlist them, and later on, when they don't need them anymore and they become "lose ends", eliminate them. Lara sees this tactics at work in Kuwaq Yaku, where they are in the beginning stages, and later in Paititi, the Hidden City, when she finally reaches it.

To her horror she has to realize that Paitit is completely in Trinity's hands since they took over the Cult of Kukulkan. Their leader is Amaru, who turns out to be none other than Dr. Dominguez. It seems that Trinity had a presence in the Hidden City for at least a couple of hundred years. (Why they have been searching for the Silver Box elsewhere then remains unclear; one can speculate that they already searched for it here and didn't find it, as it has been taken by Andrea Lopez; then again that does not explain why they haven't moved on as they normally do; maybe the renewal ritual can only be performed in Paititi.)

With the help of Unuratu's rebels and the Yaaxil Lara finally manges to wipe out the High Council of Trinity, including Commander Rourke and Dr. Dominguez. This effectively leaves Trinity without leadership. It however remains to be seen if this means that they are finally done, or if they find a way to recover.

Weapon Naming

Trinity seems to be in the habit of naming their Weapons after clerical professions. It somehow makes sense as Trinity is a militant order with Christians roots.


A pistol
An assault rifle
A shotgun

Vehicles and Other

A type of Helicopter used by Trinity
An Armoured Vehicle, found on the way zu Kuwaq Yaku; also used by Commander Rourke when he meets his fate
"This is Cardinal Two, I've got foreshock damage in Juliett Three." (Downpour)

Known Members of Trinity



Unknown Affiliation

His name is shortly visible on a business card attached to a map of Yucatan in the end credits of Rise of the Tomb Raider. He seems to be at least involved with the Vatican, but whether he is Trinity remains to be seen.

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