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Trinity is an organization first featured in TOMB RAIDER and which is involved in the storyline of the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider.[1]

In Tomb Raider (2013)

Trinity is first revealed in the GPS Secrets set of documents in TOMB RAIDER.

Apparently the Trinity was also interested in the mystery that surrounds the island of Yamatai. The organization had sent an operative to Yamatai in order to acquire the Star Phenomenon. Also, it is not know what excatly is the Star Phenomenon the Trinity is after.

The motives of the Trinity are uncertain, as well as the organization's purpose and further details of it, e.g. who are the members and the leader of it.

Mentions of the Trinity

  • The very first time "Trinity" is mentioned in-game, is at Shantytown during the No One Left Behind level. As Lara is searching to find a way into the Solarii fortress after the death of Grim, Conrad Roth is helping her by sniping off enemies with his rifle. A radio signal is heard, with a lot of static:
Rescue chopper N888RC responding to SOS, inbound from freighter Trinity.
In-game dialogue[2]
As Conrad Roth tries to respond, there's no answer other than static and interference.
Was there some other person... or group... interested in this island? I don't have time to make sense of this now.
The complete contents of the document do not give much details on what the Trinity is and what are their intentions:
Command to Operative

Trinity is concerned.


Acquisition of Star Phenomenon unacceptable.


Sabotage of Axis operation imperative.

Unknown:Mysterious Orders[3]
  • The final and the most revealing mention of the Trinity is on the Unknown: Failed Mission document. Lara has figured out that the Trinity is an organization, but their task still remains unknown.
That name again... Trinity. Some kind of organization. But who are they? And how do they know about this island?
The contents of the document also refer to Mathias, and how he was close to acquire the Star Phenomenon, which is also an interest of the Trinity:
I was sent here to investigate a new threat to Trinity's interests on this island. When I arrived, I discovered Mathias and his Solarii Cult. I believed then that Mathias could never acquire the Star Phenomenon, but I was wrong. I should have killed him when I had a chance, but now it's too late.

I've been compromised and mortally wounded, my mission incomplete. My time is short.

If you've deciphered the numbers and found this stash, then you must be my replacemet. Kill Mathias! He's close to reawakening the enemy that has long lain dormant. This cannot be allowed to happen.
Unknown: Failed Mission[4]

In Rise of the Tomb Raider

In the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider game's storyline, Trinity has covered up the events that happened in Yamatai. When Lara sets her sights on a fabled tomb said to house the soul of an immortality-granting prophet and travels to Siberia to seek for the Lost City of Kitezh, Trinity will follow. In Siberia, Lara will encounter hostile Trinity soldiers patrolling there. [5]

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