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The Torch is a helpful tool found in many Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Games.

Torches can be found in unlit (Classic Games) or lit (Reboot) state. A burning torch is usually used to light up other things like ropes or candles, to burn through a wooden floor, to trigger a sprinkler or even to scare off enemies.


Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

The torch has its first appearance in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. Here Lara can not climb or crawl when carrying a torch.

When found the Torch is sometimes unlit. In this case Lara has to find a spot where she can light it. This might be a simple camp fire, a lit wall torch, a burning barrel etc.

Although Lara does not use a torch inside the Tomb of Seth, her guide Ahmed takes one from a wall receptacle and uses it to trigger doors and fend off enemies.
The first time Lara uses the torch herself is in the Tomb of Semerkhet, where it is used to find a secret entrance in the wall, which looks different under torchlight. Later throughout the level Lara uses another torch to light fires along the wall.
In the Guardian of Semerkhet level Lara once again uses a torch to light up wall torches to open a door.
Inside the Catacombs Lara has to set a Flammable Rope on fire to get an obstacle out of the way.
Inside the Lost Library Lara will find a Flammable Floor made out of wood, that can be burnt away.
In the chambers of Tulun Lara finds an unlit torch which she first has to light and then hold close to a sprinkler to trigger it.
In the citadel level is another Flammable Rope.
A torch is also used in the Elemental Scale puzzle in the Mastabas level.
The torch is used to light up other torches.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

The torch makes its return in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Lara has to use a burning torch to set the Flammable Roots of the Gallows Tree on fire and release the Heart of the demon Verdilet.
By the Old Mill Lara has to use the torch to keep Imps away. They are scared of fire.

Custom Levels

It also appears in many Custom Levels. Although Lara can still not climb or crawl with the torch - unless the Custom Level Builder has put a lot of work in his level, creating new animations and such - there are a number of Levels where Lara has to throw her torch into a crawlspace so it slides out on the other side. Lara can then crawl through and pick it up again. Jumping between levels with a torch in hand can cause a lot of trouble in custom levels, too. So if you are playing a custom level, keep this in mind and carefully study the read me file provided by the author to see if it's okay to bring your torch. A new torch is often provided in the next level part, if it's needed.

Tomb Raider (2013)

In the 2013 reboot Torches reprise their role as a puzzle element. They can be used as a light source and a way to set fire to other objects. Later throughout the game Lara finds first a Fire Striker and later a Lighter which she can use to light up a torch she then permanently has with her, making it unnecessary to find other sources of fire.

Torches provide light and can be used to burn white cloth
on-screen display

The torch is used by pressing E (PC), Square (PS3 and PS4) or X (Xbox 360 and Xbox One).

Hold ... to use the torch.
on-screen display

The first occurrence is in the first level, inside the Scavenger's Den. Lara finds a burning torch in a wall sconce. She can use it to light up Flammable Barriers and other cloths. The torch is extinguished when it comes into contact with water. It can be re-lit at braziers.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

In Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Lara can light up Braziers and Gas Vents (ToO) with her torch.