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Tomb Raider Trio is a group of of webmasters who have in the past year, developed a unique series of inter-connected websites based on the popular 'Tomb Raider' series. Crushter, Knutroald and MUN33B run and maintain a number of sites and services, including Croft Manor, Winston's Diaries, RaiderNet, RaiderCast, and the Croft Manor Forums. Although several of these sites are currently under development, all are frequently updated with new content and further information.


The Tomb Raider Trio launched their first site, Croft Manor, which was accompanied by it's own forums, in May 2007.

Initially created by MUN33B, it quickly became a success with the help of Knutroald and Crushter, who later accepted administrative positions. After the official formation of the 'Trio' team, the decision was made to change the software for the site, and find a more permanent web host. When a suitable host had been arranged, Crushter founded the new and improved Croft Manor Forums, using SMF software.

About a month later, the software was changed to MyBB, and the Trio secured the domain - - for the forums. The Croft Manor site was temporarily closed for further work, and RaiderNet, founded and run by Knutroald, announced shortly afterwards. RaiderCast, Winston's Diaries, Tomb Raider: Aquarium, and RaiderMag rapidly followed suit, but due to the pressures of developing and finishing each individual site, Tomb Raider: Aquarium and RaiderMag had to be cancelled. Tomb Raider: Aquarium was abandoned, and the RaiderMag logo and name were donated to rival site, Croft Generation.

By November, the Trio had completed a revamp of the Croft Manor site, which quickly reopened with plans for a much greater range of content, to occupy the domain.

After a successful relaunch, the Trio became a recognised fan team within the Tomb Raider community, and continues to work towards a vibrant network of fansites, in celebration of Tomb Raider.

Later during the January of 2008, MUN33B decided to leave the Tomb Raider - Trio taking Winston Diaries with him. He plans to continue doing Raidercast with Knutroald.


It is not currently known what further plans the Trio have for their growing network, but there is some speculation about further additions in the near future. These rumours have yet to be confirmed or denied.

Croft Manor

Croft Manoris a site which covers the latest media and news for the Tomb Raider series.

Content also includes detailed information about Croft Manor, Lara's personal butler Winston, and the range of activities and secrets to be found within the different incarnations of the Manor, throughout the series.

Although still in the process of development, the webmaster Crushter, expects the site to be completed shortly.

Accompanying this site are the Croft Manor Forums (also known as CMF), an open discussion board, where Tomb Raider fans come to chat about the different aspects of the Trio's network, as well as all things Tomb Raider, and a great variety of other subjects. The members regard the forums as the best place for news on the latest TR media updates, as well as a warm, cheerful place to make new friends.


RaiderNet is a site dedicated to Fan Tomb Raider content but also provides news and other information. The webmaster Knutroald, updates on a regular basis, and also maintains the site's assortment of other Tomb Raider material, including media, movies, and comics.


RaiderCast is the web's only portable talkshow dedicated to Tomb Raider, with episodes featuring exclusive interviews, guests, reviews, fan comments, and much more. Each podcast can be downloaded from the RaiderCast site in mp3 format.

RaiderCast is expected to open in late 2007/early 2008.


Since the recent decison made by the webmistress of the Croft Codex to step down from her position, there has been some speculation about a member of the Trio taking an interest in procuring the Codex for their Tomb Raider network.

There has also been discussion about the possibility of their offering the RaiderNet podcast as an exclusive, to a larger, well-established Tomb Raider site. These rumours have neither been confirmed or denied by any member of the Trio at this point.

The possibility of reviving RaiderMag with the collaboration of a professional may be unlikely, as the Trio no longer owns the RaiderMag name or logo.

And there has been a previous rumour that Tomb Raider: Aquarium was to return at some point, but the Trio has confirmed that this is not true.

Cancelled Sites

Due to previously unspecified constraints, these sites have been cancelled by the Trio:

Tomb Raider: Aquarium - A site for fans to upload artwork, trailers, and other such fan-created material.

RaiderMag - A free online Tomb Raider fan magazine.

Ice- TR Trio Browser- Kewlkyle64, creator of it, will still be releasing a browser, but it will be completely different than what Ice has been seen to be. It will come out, though.

The Tomb Raider Trio has recently reported that these projects were cancelled in order to meet the deadlines for their other sites, and to focus on managing their time more efficiently..