Tomb Raider II Secrets

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The three Tomb Raider II Dragons

Secrets in Tomb Raider II come in the form of small Silver, Jade or Gold dragon statues. Collecting all three in a single level can benefit the player with extra ammo, new weapons or medipacks. The final two levels do not have secrets, due to their shortness.


  • In The Great Wall the first two dragons are easy to find. The first is located on an outcrop near the beginning of the level, before reaching the actual wall. The second is just on the way in a trap-filled passage; the difficulty here is to find the time to pick it up. The third one can be found in an extended secret location in the valley below the Zipline.
The reward for getting all three dragons is a Small Medipack, the Grenade Launcher and two packs of Grenades.
  • The Dragon artifacts in Bartoli's Hideout are very sneaky. The first one can only be accessed from a hidden switch, the second is deep within an underwater maze, and the third hidden inside a building 'scheduled' for destruction (Lara actually destroys it - If Lara did not recover the secret before she detonated the hideout, then the Jade Dragon would be lost forever in the rubble - also, a curious question would be why the hideout was rigged with explosives anyway.)
  • In Floating Islands, the secrets are very well hidden, and only one is in plain sight.
Collecting all three secrets here benefit the player with a stash of grenades (which might come in handy against the Dragon).

Other well-hidden items

Along with the dragons statues, there are other well-hidden items, mainly weapons, throughout the game.

  • The Uzis are secretly hidden in a small pool behind the large shack towards the end of Bartoli's Hideout (Level 3). To obtain the Uzis, you must first jump onto the roof of the shack (the one with the Detonator Key inside) and move to the end. Jump to the opening, and down into the waist height water pool. The Uzis, complete with clips, lie in one corner. Use the ladders to reach back up to the opening, and then back to the roof.
  • The M16 is also located in a secret place, but a bit easier than the Uzis. The M16, and clips, lie below a trapdoor in the middle of a burner hallway in Level 6 (Diving Area). The Trapdoor falls on your approach. To get it, simply press the button on the right (this will only make sense when you experience this trap) to shut off the first burner, charge, roll as the trapdoor opens, grab the M16, and return to the hallway before the burner reignites.
  • Before the battle with the Guardian of the Talion, a hidden secret lies in a shack to the left of the Ice Palace. It is opened by a switch hidden in the far left of the Ice Field of the palace. (This shack also provides good cover against the Guardian when in battle.)