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Title as seen in the trailer

The first two 30 seconds Tomb Raider (2018) TV Spots advertising the new Reboot Movie starring Alicia Vikander were released on 21 January 2018. They are cut together from the first two trailers, TOMB RAIDER (Trailer_F1) and TOMB RAIDER (Trailer_F4) and contain only little to no new material. Both feature the same background music as the second trailer, "Survivor" by the 2WEI Music.


"I'm no superhero."
The TOMB RAIDER "Begins" spot focusses heavily on the father background story. First Ana Miller tells Lara that her father is dead and that she "can pick up where he left off", then Mathias sees "the likeness", "intelligence", and "the recklessness" in her that he also saw in her father. His message he left her on an old video camera is also included, warning her that "the world is in danger".

The only new material is a short sequence - almost at the end of the spot - of Lara eating an apple and telling someone off-screen that she is "no super hero".


The TOMB RAIDER "Adventure" spot focusses - as one can deduce from the naming - more on the adventure and action of the new film. It starts off with Lara on her motorbike and her father telling her that "our world is in danger". It then cuts to a rapid succession of adventurous sequences, like her running through the jungle, solving puzzles, coming face to face with Mathias, or the sinking of the ship she travelled on to the island. We also witness her dodging deadly traps, fighting Mathias' minions, plunging from the wreckage of on old plane and using the parachute.

There is no new material in this spot.