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The Gear Lara utilizes in Tomb Raider (2013) differs from previous games.

She starts off with nothing and adds a few items to her inventory as she finds them.

  • Torch The torch is the first item Lara finds. At first she can only light it at other burning objects like wall torches or burning barrels. Later she will find tools to light the torch any time.
  • Bow The bow is the first weapon Lara adds to her gear. This weapon is upgraded throughout the game, adding Rope Arrows and Fire Arrows to the arsenal.

Shotgun Ammo

The ammunition for this weapon comes in greenish metal ammo caches.

  • Rifle The rifle is another weapon type Lara adds to her inventory, it will later be equipped with a grenade launcher attachment.
Rilfe Ammo

The ammunition for this weapon is found in brownish metal ammo caches.