Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1, Issue 25

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Tomb Raider #25
Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1
Issue No. 25
Story Title Endgame
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Release Date November 2002
Writer John Ney Rieber
Pencil Michael Turner
Ink Jonathan Sibal
Colors Jonathan D. Smith
Letters Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler
Pages 32
Price $2.99

Tomb Raider #25 is the first part of the three-parted Tomb Raider/Witchblade/Evo Crossover Endgame. It is continued in Witchblade 60 and Evo 1.

Official Description

ENDGAME PART 1 (of 3) Tomb Raider's 25th issue extravaganza arrives as special guest penciler Michael Turner joins forces with John Ney Rieber to present the monumental issue of Tomb Raider as Top Cow's blockbuster ENDGAME crossover kicks off!! It all begins when the charred remains of a long-lost Native American settlement lure Lara Croft to New York City the home of Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade, and it ends with... the death of Lara Croft?!? [1]

Other Covers

Andy Park
Convention B&W
Convention Colour
Museum Ed.


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