Tomb Raider: Anniversary Game Commentary

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The Tomb Raider: Anniversary Game Commentary is an in-game feature that allows commentaries to be played while you are playing. After unlocking them and turning them on, Commentary Markers can be found throughout the game. In it Jason Botta and Toby Gard give you behind-the-scenes information on the original Tomb Raider and on Tomb Raider Anniversary.

  • Peru, Mountain Caves, Start Platform
The first commentary marker crystal is found on the starting platform of the first level Mountain Caves.

Botta - Welcome to the game commentary for Tomb Raider: Anniversary. I'm Jason Botta, the creative director for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.
Toby - And I'm Toby Gard, the original designer, from the first TR1.
Botta - No, you were the creative director, give yourself some credit.
Toby - I suppose, there were only six of us though, we didn't have such grand titles back in those days, but yeah. So in terms of the opening sequence of the original game, the whole thing was leading up to sort of the whole wolf extravaganza that happens, where it was the 'big reveal' of Lara Croft. And obviously some of that wasn't really appropriate any more, people know who Lara was, so it enabled us to actually be able to show Lara in the intro in the foyer in Calcutta and obviously we didn't have to go quite so crazy with the wolf bit with the big tails flying off her and stuff.
Botta - And I think the essence of that whole cinematic and whatnot is the same, sort of an introduction to the main characters of the game and sort of sets up what the entire game is about, so that sort of remains unchanged.
Toby - Yep
Botta - Yeah, we sort of tried to follow a lot of the shots from the original game, sort of inspiration for us throughout the entire game but for this opening cine as well.