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Died Greece
Nationality Atlantean
Occupation Ruler of Atlantis
Game(s) Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Voice Steve Blum

(in Tomb Raider Anniversary)

Tihocan is a character in the original Tomb Raider and its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

He is one of the triumvirate, the three sacred rulers of Atlantis along with Qualopec and Natla. Together they created the Scion, a device of immeasurable power and the ultimate power source of Atlantis.


Tihocan, along with Qualopec, says that Natla has been sentenced to eternal imprisonment for misuse of the power of the Scion in an attempt to create genetic mutations, and for using the army of Atlantis against her fellow rulers. He and Qualopec are present at her incarceration in an area of Atlantis equivalent to present day New Mexico, USA. In the original Tomb Raider Natla is frozen by a machine activated by an Atlantean guard. In Anniversary it appears to be Tihocan who puts an end to Natla's "rampage", and who crafts (using an unknown method) the giant "crystal" which becomes Natla's prison.

After the destruction of Atlantis (according to the writing on his empty tomb) Tihocan escapes to Greece. There he establishes a "new civilization", and tries to rule over the "barren lands". It seems that he had originally planned to be buried in a tomb next to his piece of the Scion, but for some reason was not. The door to his tomb is guarded by two Atlantean centaurs that resemble statues, but which are revived when the tomb is opened. On top of the site of his tomb lies layers of a huge building complex composed of a Cistern, a palace dedicated to "Midas", an Amphitheatre, and what may have been a monastery (founded by or dedicated to St. Francis).


His original appearance shows a man wearing a helmet with a visor illuminating his eyes green and covering his face. He wears his piece of the Scion around his neck and is dressed in dark Atlantean garbs. In Anniversary his face is shown and his dress is more extravagant.


Lara finds Tihocan's tomb empty ...