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Tomb Raider Underworld

Enemy Type regular enemies
Classification Undead
Weapons Melee (depends upon the class of thrall)
Weakness Thor's Hammer, Sticky Grenade, Headshot

Thralls are enemies that Lara will encounter in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Thralls are creatures born from the Eitr, the fluid of life. According to Odin's script in Thailand, they were taken to the Underworld to guard Thor's artifacts.

  • The term 'thrall' referred to a kind of slave to the Norse. The god Thor traveled in the company of two thralls, Pjálfi's and Röskva, and also with him were two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, which pulled his chariot. These goats were special, in that Thor could cook and eat them each night, and restore them the next morning with a single touch as long as he had not damaged their skeletons. Father apparently was thinking of this when he named these animated tiger skeletons. By what means they are kept animate I don't know, but I think I have seen something of what Odin meant by the artifacts of Thor being protected by the dead. [1]


There are three basic kinds of Thrall: the standard human thrall (Viking or Maya), the yeti thrall and the quadruped thrall (tigers or jaguars).

Beneath the Ashes

The new expansion Beneath the Ashes features a slightly different type of Thrall, one which looks a bit like a medieval Crusader, armed with a helmet and a shield. Also in this chapter is found an artifact inscribed with magic words ("okh eshivar") which can control both Thralls and the Doppelgänger, although the connection between the two types of enemy is unclear. Presumably either the Doppelgänger is a type of Thrall or the magic words are very magic. It is unknown whether Amanda knew (during the events of Underworld) if the Thralls could be controlled using the magic words that maybe she was already using to control the Doppelgänger.

Lara's Shadow

In Lara's Shadow, there are armored yeti thralls, which are harder to kill than any normal yeti thrall. It is also revealed that Natla has become a Thrall and has survived been hit by Mjolnir and falling into the Eitr and has her mind still intact.


In Protected by the Dead Lara encounters two Tiger Thralls that her father imported from Thailand and that broke free from their cages.
Lara's next run-in with thralls is in the levels The Midgard Serpent and Land of the Dead, where she meets Jaguar Thralls and Maya Thralls.
In Gate of the Dead and Valhalla Lara encounters Viking Thralls and Yeti Thralls.
The Viking Thralls and Yeti Thralls return in the levels Helheim, Yggdrasil and Out of Time.


Thralls can only be killed by damaging their skeleton.

Before Lara gets Mjolnir, the only way to kill Thralls is to shoot them until they fall and then finish them by jumping on their bones to break them or by using a grenade to blow them up.

More Info

In Helheim Lara discovers to her shock that Amelia has become a Thrall, or at least some kind of zombie. Amelia holds out her arms as if to hug Lara, but Lara empties both her pistols into Amelia, sending her back into the void. It is unknown at this point if Lara could have destroyed her mother by jumping on her.

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