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Thomas Goldman
Thomas tom goldman comic.png
Occupation James Whitman's agent
Comic(s) Tomb Raider: The Beginning

Thomas Goldman (also called Tom) is a character appearing in the comic Tomb Raider: The Beginning.


Thomas Goldman works as James Whitman's agent. When finding out who are the crew of the Endurance, Thomas isn't very impressed. "Looks like they could find a bar, a brothel or a burger," he comments while looking through the crewmembers' files.[1]

At first Thomas announces to James Whitman that the ratings of the second season of "Whitman's World" were okay, but later on he has the unpleasant duty to inform James Whitman that the final figures are actually really bad, which means that the network won't commission for a third season after all and the show is over.[2]

James Whitman asks Thomas to try to convince the network to reconsider about funding the expedition, but Thomas doesn't seem too keen about it while driving in his convertible, commenting "It's all about ratings with them."[3] As James Whitman decides to invest his own money to the project, Thomas tries to help him by giving him the pieces sent from the London museum for the third season of "Whitman's World": the Chinese gods of good fortune, prosperity and longevity, Fu, Lu and Shou. Thomas doesn't know that James Whitman intends to sell them to a fast buyer Mr. Hong, and in Thomas' own words "It's best I don't know what you want these for, isn't it?"[4]

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