The Wheels of Kathar

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At one point in a cutscene in the game Tomb Raider Anniversary, Natla delivers the following piece of dialogue; "It cannot be stopped. The wheels of Kathar are already in motion. Doom will find you both while I rise from the dust of your bones to finish what I've started...  !"[1]. As a result there has been much fan speculation as to what she is talking about.

A Custom tomb raider game was made on Tomb raider Level Editor entitled "The Wheels of Kathar" explaining what Natla was referring to in Anniversary, The Game Has its own plot and is heavily inspired by Underworld. Although the storyline is fairly inaccurate and inexplained there arequite a thew hours of enjoyable gameplay. The levels include:

Possible clues to the meaning could be;

  • Kathar, the place, could be a town in Burma/Myanmar [2] or a village in Nepal [3].
  • On the other hand the word "Kathar" could refer to the "Cathar", an extinct Christian religious sect[4]. The most popular theory is that the word Cathar most likely originated from the Greek καθαροί, meaning "pure ones", a term related to the word "catharsis", meaning "purification".
  • The reference to "Wheels" may have something to do with either Maya concepts of time [5], Christian eschatology [6] or Tibetan prayer wheels [7].

However in the absence of further information, the meaning and significance of the phrase "Wheels of Kathar" will probably remain forever obscure.