The Wheels of Kathar

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At one point in a cutscene in the game Tomb Raider Anniversary, Natla delivers the following piece of dialogue; "It cannot be stopped. The wheels of Kathar are already in motion. Doom will find you both while I rise from the dust of your bones to finish what I've started...  !"[1]. As a result there has been much fan speculation as to what she is talking about.

Possible clues to the meaning could be;

  • Kathar, the place, could be a town in Burma/Myanmar [2] or a village in Nepal [3].
  • On the other hand the word "Kathar" could refer to the "Cathar", an extinct Christian religious sect[4]. The most popular theory is that the word Cathar most likely originated from the Greek καθαροί, meaning "pure ones", a term related to the word "catharsis", meaning "purification".
  • The reference to "Wheels" may have something to do with either Mayan concepts of time [5], Christian eschatology [6] or Tibetan prayer wheels [7].

However in the absence of further information, the meaning and significance of the phrase "Wheels of Kathar" will probably remain forever obscure.