The Unnamed Days

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The Unnamed Days
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Southern Mexico Section
Level No 4.1
Secrets 9
Location Mexico
Level Chronology:
Protected by the Dead The Unnamed Days Xibalba

The Unnamed Days is the twelfth Level in Tomb Raider Underworld and the first in the Southern Mexico Section.

This level may last a little longer if you go exploring before entering the temple with the first calendar.


After returning home to retrieve the second of Thor's Gauntlets and to find Odin's Map, both placed there by her father, Lara follows the trail to Mexico to search for Thor's Belt.




The level contains 9 treasures.

  • 1st Treasure
The first Treasure is inside a secret vase right in the beginning of the level. Drive along the road with the motorbike until you come across a tunnel with various vases. One of the contains the Treasure.
  • 2nd Treasure
The second Treasure is also inside a secret vase. Once you've crossed the deep pit with the motorbike, shortly after finding the first Treasure, look for a secret vase on the right side of the road.
  • 3rd Treasure
The third Treasure is located inside a secret vase on the right edge of the stone wall of the small temple, which is encountered shortly after crossing the pit and obtaining the second Treasure.
  • 4th Treasure
The fourth Treasure can be found after picking up the Jaguar Head. Do not exit the small temple yet, look for a secret vase inside one of the alcoves.
  • 5th Treasure
The fifth Treasure is found as you come across, while riding on the motorbike, a set of stairs leading down to a tunnel. Dismount the motorbike on top of the stairs and look for a secret vase at the bottom of a stone pillar on the right side of the top of the stairs.
  • 6th Treasure
The sixth Treasure is not far away from the fifth. Turn facing the set of stairs, then turn to the left. You'll be able to find another secret vase at the bottom of a stone wall.
  • 7th Treasure
The seventh Treasure is found right after the sixth. From where you found the sixth Treasure, turn around and keep looking to the right. There's another secret vase sitting in the bottom of a stone wall.
  • 8th Treasure
After riding down the stairs and through the tunnel, keep riding along the path until it splits into two. Do not turn to the left! Instead, go the right, towards the visible set of ruins. The eighth Treasure is found inside a secret vase near these ruins, on the left side of the area with a small set of stairs leading to the first Maya Calendar. There's a set of partially collapsed stone walls, and in the corner formed by the walls, there's the secret vase that holds the eight Treasure.
  • 9th Treasure
The ninth and the last Treasure of the level is found right next to the small opening leading the first Maya Calendar. There's a secret vase on the left of the small opening before going through it.

Artefacts & Keys



First Aid

Lara can find three Health Packs in this level.


Traps & Obstacles

Typical Scenery of the Level