The Revenant

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A Scroll of the Set The Day After

The Revenant is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Day After set and deals with the Remnant's survival after the Mongol invasion and the fall of the city of Kitezh. They believed the Prophet to be dead and almost did not survive the first winter, but after nearly a decade they adapted to the harsh conditions and finally the Prophet came back to them.

After many years, the surviving remnant of the Prophet's people adapted to survive in the valley.

It has been nearly a decade since Kitezh was lost to us. In the first years, I thought we would not survive. We are the Remnant of a once great people, but we did survive. The struggle became second nature, and then a way of life. Our numbers no longer dwindle. We may never be great again, but we will live, this winter and the next.

I know this in my heart, for God has given us a sign. Last night, a wild man wandered into our camp, emaciated and raving with fever. We gave him food, cut his tangled beard, and cleaned his wounds. The others do not recognize him yet. It has been too long. But I know him. The Prophet... The Prophet has returned to us.