The Ordeal

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Operational Report Recorder

The Ordeal is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Operational Report set and contains the musings of Konstantin about his Trinity assignment.

Konstantin cares so deeply about his sister... He would set the world on fire if it meant saving her...

We stand now on the very cusp of a new world. The Divine Source has been located. Croft, while still alive, has been effectively neutralized.

But Ana grows weaker by the hour. Her voice, that voice I've known my whole life, is starting to falter.

I asked her if she remembers that night, the first time that God carved purpose into my hands. That night that he chose me. She said she did. And than she smiled and said that we would have nights again like that, once the ordeal is over.

For her, I stay strong.

In the old city, we will find the Divine Source. I will save my sister. And together, we will save the world from itself.