The Norse Connection

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The Norse Connection
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Mediterranean Sea Section
Level No 1.3
Secrets 7 Treasures

1 Relic

Location Mediterranean Sea
Level Chronology:
Niflheim The Norse Connection God of Thunder

The Norse Connection is the fourth level in Tomb Raider Underworld and the third in the Mediterranean Sea Section.


After beating the Kraken Lara enters the inner sanctum of the temple. Here she finds two pressure plates that secure the bolts of the door to the chamber with Thor's gauntlet. Before Lara can return to the ship with the artefact, she is attacked by a group of mercenaries and robbed.


  • Climb into the adjacent chamber to find two stone blocks.
  • Throw the blocks out the door and place them on one pressure plate.
  • Attach the grapple to the door and stand on the second pressure plate.
  • Pull the door open and get inside.
  • Find an alternative exit.
  • Get back to the boat.



There are seven Treasures and one Relic hidden in this level.

  • 1st Treasure
The first Tresure of the level is located in a secret vase in the room where the Thor's Gauntlet was.
  • 2nd Treasure
The second Treasure is in a secret vase located in the smaller side chamber on the right of the room with the two Pressure Plates.
  • 3rd Treasure
The third Tresure can be found in a lone secret vase just before entering the chamber that follows climbing up a stone block. The vase is located left from the doorway.
  • 4th Treasure
The fourth Treasure is located in the far left corner of the room with the climbable pillars, inside a secret vase.
  • 5th Treasure
The fifth Treasure is inside a secret vase located in a passageway that leads to the room where the Kraken was. It's on the left side of the passageway.
  • 6th Treasure
The sixth Treasure can be found in a secret vase, which is located at the dark area near the wall after swinging across the gap with the grapple, on the higher parts of the Kraken room.
  • 7th Treasure
The seventh and last Treasure of the Mediterranean Sea Section is inside a secret vase located on a ledge above the exit of the Kraken room. To get there, climb up the rocks that are on the area where you jumped with the grapple. Travel across the rather linear path with the Horizontal Pole and steep slide. Drop down to hang from the edge and traverse across it until you can climb up and then break the decorative secret vase.
There's a one-time chance to obtain this relic. From the ledge with the last Treasure, turn right and jump to the ledge with stones and rubble. Crouch and crawl under the collapsed rocks to enter a small room with the golden orb - the relic.

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