The Lost Cult

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The Lost Cult
Author E.E. Knight
Release August 2004
Imprint Del Rey
ISBN 0-345-46172-X
Pages Paperback, 320 pages
Price $6.99
Level Chronology:
The Amulet of Power The Lost Cult The Man of Bronze

The Lost Cult is the second Tomb Raider Novel. It was release in August 2004 and written by E.E. Knight


While on a mission for the CIA to recover stolen Iraqi artifacts, Lara Croft narrowly escapes death-only to be thrown into her next action-packed adventure.

After destroying years of his research on the ancient Méne cult, archaeologist Professor Frys is murdered by an unknown assassin. Lara Croft knows her colleague must have stumbled upon a dangerous secret-and someone took his life to ensure it would remain in the shadows. So Lara jets to the mysterious cloud forests of eastern Peru, home of the Méne ruins, and makes a shocking discovery: A group is attempting to revive the sinister cult and its mind-controlling ways. One of the followers is Lara's former friend and failed protégé, Tomb Raider Ajay-and she is determined to see Lara silenced... permanently. But Lara, never one to run from a challenge, has other plans.



Lara is on Mauritius skydiving, but not for fun but on a mission to recover Iraqi artefacts Lancaster Urdmann has acquired from gangsters in return for which her record is cleared of all charges in the Von Croy murder. She gets in easily, due to the prep team's good work and can find most of the artefacts in Urdmann's treasure vault. However, the most prominent item among them - a briefcase-sized set of legal tablets, the Hammurabi Tablets - is not there. She can find the tablets in Urdmann's study but is caught while retrieving them by an unarmed Urdmann. He hints that he knew what was coming since someone named Kunai showed up. In an ensuing fight, he receives a bullet wound. Lara can escape as Urdmann orders his men not to shoot at her, in fear of damaging the tables. She can make her was out of the estate and towards the shore where her associate Djbril is waiting for her in a Zodiac inflatable boat.

Later, in the Stansfield resort hotel in the Seychelles, just when trying to get a well deserved bath, she is disturbed by her guardian angel who comes to retrieve the tablets. In an exchange, her Interpol file is cleared. Lara then finds out that Kunai was not part of the prep team.

Part One - 1

After burning all his research about the Méne cult the night before and leaving a message on the mantle and another one hidden in the kitchen drain as well as trying to contact Lara Croft, Archaeologist Dr. Stephen Frys leaves his house in the Scottish Highlands in his old Merkur. The last couple of weeks he has constantly had the feeling of being followed, and not surprisingly, shortly after hitting the road, he is confronted with a sedan and a silver roadster which cause him to take his car over the edge of the cliffs.

Part One - 2

List of Characters

Lancaster Urdmann is a former arms-dealer and Cold War military financier who nowadays spends his time collecting and selling antiquities. He owns an estate on Mauritius, equipped with two outdoor pools and a spa. The main house of the estate is build in Renaissance style.
Professor Dr. Stephen Frys is an archaeology Professor and studied the Méne cult, with his colleague Werner Von Croy. He lives in the Whistlecrack House in the Scottish Highlands till he is killed in a car accident.