The Hall Of Seasons

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The Hall Of Seasons
The Angel of Darkness
Section Louvre Section
Level No 5.3
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Tomb Of Ancients The Hall Of Seasons Galleries Under Siege

Hall of Seasons is a level in The Angel of Darkness. It's visited multiple times, since from there Lara can set out into four different sublevels: Wrath of the Beast, Sanctuary of Flame, Breath of Hades and Neptune's Hall.

In each of the sub levels she will get a crystal which she has to use in the Hall of Seasons to open a door, where she'll have to activate a machinery.

At the top of the hall, Lara will meet the Spirit of Brother Obscura.



  • Visit all of the sub levels to obtain the four crystals
  • Place the crystals to their receptacles to open a door in the trap-filled basement
  • Find the way to the newly opened door
  • Turn all the valves at the room with the furnace-like device to activate a special machinery
  • Return to the main hall and climb up to higher parts of the room to reach the room with the First Obscura Painting
  • Stun the Spirit of Brother Obscura and grab the Obscura Painting
  • Exit the level


Artefacts & Keys




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


Hall of Seasons may seem like a complicated level. It has four sub levels, and each of them has to be completed before Lara can progress in the level. In addition to the sublevels, there's also a trap-filled basement where Lara falls, if she pulls the wrong levers. After obtaining all of the four crystals and placing them to their receptacles, Lara has to enter the basement and find the door she just opened and activate another machinery there.

Activating the machinery causes pillars to raise in the main hall, and now she can access higher parts of the hall. From there she'll eventually find her way to the First Obscura Painting, which is guarded by the Spirit of Brother Obscura.


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