The Bio-Research Facility

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The Bio-Research Facility
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 9
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
The Strahov Fortress The Bio-Research Facility The Sanitarium

The Bio-Research Facility is a level from The Angel of Darkness. It is the third level in the Prague Section.


Lara infiltrates the Strahov Fortress in order to search for more clues. After passing the lasers and other traps, she reaches a bio-dome.

At the beginning of the level Lara appears inside the bio-dome and you will notice that she is wearing a new outfit. Near a fountain, Lara sees Dr. Müller. He says that the Cabal plans to revive the Sleeper in order to create a new breed of Nephilim. He tells Lara that everyone supports Eckhardt, and in return he promises them immortality. Lara is, of course, sceptical.


Lara approaches the gardner-like man, Grant Müller, near a fountain.

  • Lara: Don't breathe and definitely don't move.
  • Müller: You're in big trouble, whoever you are. Intruders don't last long in the Strahov.
  • Lara: Just answer my questions! Fine. First question - who are you? Second question - what are you and your buddies up to in here?
  • Müller: You really don't know what the Cabal is? We are the beginning of a new order of life on Earth.
  • Lara: Well, I've never heard of you.
  • Müller: Ignorant mortal! The Cabal! We control everything here in Prague. It means that we are going to be immortal, and you are going to be dead, intruder!
  • Lara: Immortal? That is impressive. How are you going to manage that?
  • Müller: Meister Eckhardt is about to return the Nephilim race to glory. For our part in that triumph he will grant us immortality.
  • Lara: If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that...
  • Müller: Your pathetic ignorance blinds you. We already have the last vital element from Turkey here in the Strahov.
  • Lara: And that is...?
  • Müller: The only true remaining Nephilim. The Cubiculum Nephili, The Sleeper. That's right. The last of the extinct race, here in the Strahov.
  • Lara: Surely the Nephilim are just a myth.
  • Müller: You see! Ignorance! With vital essences extracted from this precious specimen Meister Eckhardt can breed the next generation of pure Nephilim. No more abomination to run amok like Boaz's Proto-Nephilim. She deserved to pay for her stupidity.
  • Lara: Yes, highly inconvenient having abominations running around loose isn't it.
  • Müller: You have no idea what you are mocking!

Müller sprays some green substance at Lara, making her cough and a bit stunned. After Lara recovers from this sudden attack, Dr. Müller is gone.

Lara is sneaking around on a walkway, and she ducks behind a railing to see what's going on at another platform. Dr. Müller is using some kind of a control panel. Pieter Van Eckhardt joins him, he's accompanied with Marten Gunderson.

  • Eckhardt: There's chaos out there! Why has the power been cut off?
  • Gunderson: Is this your doing Müller?
  • Müller: No. The power's down everywhere.

Gunderson takes Müller's place at the control panel.

  • Eckhardt: Just control things in the Dome then. Do it! Is everything locked down? We dont' want anything getting loose.
  • Gunderson: It's under control Master Eckhardt.

Kristina Boaz rushes to the men.

  • Boaz: We have a problem down in the Sanatorium!
  • Eckhardt: What problem Boaz? Just have the guards deal with your inmates and pets.
  • Boaz: I have a confession Master Eckhardt. I didn't destroy the Proto Nephilim!
  • Gunderson: The Proto! You are kidding! Right Boaz? I need to supervise this personally.
  • Eckhardt: That experiment was to be eradicated! I expressly ordered it. It's far too dangerous to keep alive!
  • Boaz: I couldn't! It's half Nephilim. That makes it impossible to kill without your Periapt Shard.
  • Eckhardt: You ignored my orders for the last time Boaz! Müller, I need the services of one of your little creations.

Müller flips a switch with lowers a spider-like creature down.

  • Boaz: Ahhh! Please, nooo!

Eckhardt slaps Boaz in the face, making her to go closer to the creature. He grabs Boaz's arms and pushes her closer to the railing.

  • Boaz: It wasn't my fault. I'm loyal.
  • Eckhardt: Your own incompetence has sentenced you Boaz.
  • Boaz: Give me a chance. Not the pod, no, no!

Eckhardt pushes Boaz to the creature, which apparently eats her.

  • Eckhardt: I will be obeyed! Now, sort this mess out.

End Cutscene

Lara has reached the air locks, and is now locked inside one. She tries to open the door, but Kurtis Trent appears to the other side of it.

  • Kurtis: You really have made a mess of things haven't you.
  • Lara: Who for? The stalker who stole my painting! What do you need with the painting?
  • Kurtis: Maybe I'll explain later, Miss Croft, but for now I need to go and turn the power back on.
  • Lara: Leaving me here.
  • Kurtis: You've caused enough problems over the last two days. Safer for everyone if you stay in one place for a while. You'll be OK in there.

Lara places a Periapt Shard on to the glass door, showing it to Kurtis.

  • Lara: And this?
  • Kurtis: My Periapt Shard! You...
  • Lara: ...picked it up in the Louvre, yes. After you stole my painting.
  • Kurtis: All this can wait. I know where you'll be. Take a breather from damaging things why dontcha.

Kurtis leaves, and Lara is left alone in the airlock moving around in frustration.


  • Collect the three security passes dropped by the guards
  • Reach the airlocks


Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


The goal is to find the three access passes carried by the Bio-Research Facility Guards.

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