The Archaeological Dig

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The Archaeological Dig
The Angel of Darkness
Section Louvre Section
Level No 5.1
Location France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Louvre Galleries The Archaeological Dig Tomb Of Ancients

The Archaeological Dig is a level in The Angel of Darkness and the first taking place at a dig site underneath the Louvre in Paris. It is the third level in the Louvre Section.


Lara has gained access to the dig site underneath the Louvre. Her task is to search for two missing symbols, and use them alongside with the ones found in Werner's Diary to open an ancient clockwork-like gate to the Tomb of Ancients.



Puzzle Items

Print Out Of Buried Symbol
Print Out Of Symbol Tracing





Traps & Obstacles


There are not really any traps in the level, but falling off from ledges can be lethal.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


Finding the two symbols is rather simple. But entering them to the clockwork-like gate's mechanism can be tricky. Once you've turned the wheel so that the corrct symbol is in place, remember to run to the right, around the corner and lock the symbol in place.


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