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The Controls in The Angel of Darkness are slightly modified Classic Tomb Raider controls.


To make Lara run ahead one needs to press the UP key, to turn in a certain direction one can either use the left and right arrow keys or the mouse.

  • Press the down key and Lara will take steps backwards.
  • Press Alt or right click to make Lara jump and, when in water, to swim.
  • To draw or holster weapons press the Space key.
  • To cycle through weapons press the page up and page down keys.
  • To look (or sprint)use the keypad 0. Then use the directional keys to look in the desired direction.
  • To perform an action, fight, hug a wall and hang from a ledge press the Ctrl key or left click.
  • To walk press and hold Shift along with the up or down keys.
  • For Stealth mode press Enter.
  • To duck press keypad 1.
  • To roll and/or change targets press End.

Combined moves:

  • To commando crawl press: Duck + Stealth + Up
  • To back flip and grab a ledge press: Walk + Action
  • To handstand press: Action + Walk + Up
  • To hop in the direction she is facing press: Walk + Jump + Up
  • To swan dive press: Jump + Look + Up

PlayStation 2

Press the left Analog Stick lightly to turn Lara. Press it harder to make her run into that direction.

Press and hold walk along with the Analog Stick to make Lara walk.

Press walk once, to change into walk mode.

Press Forward (Analog Stick into the direction Lara is facing) Jump and Look (R2) to make a swandive.


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