Temple Of Karnak

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Remark: This article describes the level Temple Of Karnak in The Last Revelation. For information about the location, see Karnak.

Temple Of Karnak
The Last Revelation
Section Karnak Section
Level No 7
Secrets 4
Location Egypt, Karnak
Level Chronology:
KV5 Temple Of Karnak The Great Hypostyle Hall

Temple Of Karnak is the seventh level in The Last Revelation and the first level in the Karnak Section.

It is the first level to which Lara can return to during the game, of which we see many in The Last Revelation. The level is quite sedate the first time round, with interesting decoration in the side rooms, and only Black Scorpions to worry about. Later however, the introduction of the Blue-white Desert Warriors makes things a little more challenging.


Lara has driven to the temple complex of Karnak with her jeep and she is determined to set the things she set into motion right.




There are four secrets to be found in this level

Artefacts & Keys



  • Shotgun (if not found during previous levels)


First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


There are no special traps in this level.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level


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