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I thought it was important that Wiki Raider to try and cover some of the things the ex-Creative Director of Crystal Dynamics apparently has had to say about important TR topics such as Underworld, Toby Gard, Natla, etc. I've had a go at posting some of the quotes whilst still trying to maintian balance and not to give too much credance to gossip. I have no idea what the copyright issues are, but since we have no official confirmation that the poster was "the" Eric Lindstrom, despite the fact that many Net sites believe it to be so, I don't think I have broken any copyright rules. (I read the posts on Google Cache myself.) I have also avoided giving any publicity to the site where the remarks were posted, since that is not part of Wiki Raider policy as far as I know. It's a pity we cannot get an official Eidos statement on the topics covered by the posts, but since we can't, I thought it was important to record what "Eric Lindstrom" wrote as it is the nearest we'll ever get to an official view. I have refrained from any editorial comments about individual quotes, although of course the choice of quotes and the order in which they are quoted is my decision. I tried to draw a balance between quoting all of it and quoting just enough to be interesting. Ostercy 7th February 2009