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Bold = award-winning
Date first published on NetDate published at
A Girl's Best Friend? Tim Radley Diamonds are a girl's best friend, or so the old saying goes.1-2-04
Home of the brave AKKON What would life be like if Lara and Kurtis were to live under one roof? Hell, of course. Short and silly.1-28-06
And Then There Was OneHeidi AhlmenWe all have bad days, and Lara Croft is definitely not an exception.4-19-06
In ArcadiaJordy TrentIn truth, it had seemed only a short step from Egypt's timeless, arid sands to the unforgiving back streets of Europe, and then from there to here. Here being Croft Manor, or rather the grounds in which it once stood.4-30-06
The Discovery of AvalonLightning99109LEGEND The continuation of what happened after Lara left Amanda after that fight.7-3-06
And Then There Was One Heidi Ahlmen We all have bad days, and Lara Croft is definitely not an exception.4-19-06
Predators AKKON She's not prey, she's a predator. It's all about hunting strategies. Winner of the 2005 fan fiction competition.[1]5-19-06
ReleasedAntimony Featuring Zip and Alister. Winner of the 2005 fan fiction competition.[2]5-19-06
The Last CandleAcid Rush Kurtis is dead and with him the ancient order of the Lux Veritatis, but those that have passed on must be laid to rest by those that survive them, and the end of an era can only arrive when it is accepted.5-29-06
The RewardAcid RushPost AOD, Lara runs into someone who's obviously interested in 'getting to know her better'. When you've gone to hell and back doing the right thing, do you continue to give or do you make someone else suffer to get your reward?10-14-06
GhostsEmDeSeaAn expedition gone wrong. A friend in need. A lover returned. Lara must battle the ghosts of her past and face ghosts that long to dominate her present.12-2-06
The Gates of AvalonThe InkweaverLara has failed to use the stone daises to bring her mother back. Now, she must find another way. But this time, she is up against someone who needs the artefact as much as she does.12-6-06
Sincerely YoursVixen2004When you take two highly independent individuals and mesh them together under chance and dire circumstances, you receive the most catastrophic chain of events only to the infamous apocalypse. Kurtis. Lara. And cupid.12-15-06
Tomb Raider: Avalon and the Lux KnightloveableabusiveSet a year and a half after AoD and just after Legends, lara is stuck on how to get to Avalon when an old friend comes back from the grave... LCxKT!12-21-06
Tomb Raiderfatal frame fanaticArcheologist and Adventurer Lara Croft gears up for her deadliest mission yet: Recovery of the fabled Scion!12-24-06
The Plight of Aeneas Alex Smith-PsychedLara stumbles upon what appears to be none other than the true remains of Troy and the ghosts of its heroes.2-5-07
A Child and the Repha'imloveableabusiveSequel to Avalon and the Lux Knight. Lara has absolutely no relationship with her teenage daughter, still crushed after her fiances death, but a surprise forces Kiera to make a huge mistake2-18-07
Behold the ManCatlantean Joachim Karel oneshot.3-27-07
Stones Best Left Unturned Heidi Ahlmen Alerted by a close friend to the possibility of the existence an artifact that perhaps should stay hidden from humanity, Lara is forced to join a team of young scientists en route to a discovery that could shed light on the origins of civilization5-11-07
Nothing AlikeAcid Rush Winner of the Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition 2007.8-04-07
Haunted in the PastHarmoniad Winner of the Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition 2007.8-04-07
AnniversaryDr.Amazing Winner of the Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition 2007.8-04-07
OriginsFallen Angel Winner of the Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition 2007.8-04-07
Extinction Sarah Crisman What happened when Lara met the TRexes in the Great Wall of China level...from a dinosaur's point of view.8-13-07
Hunger AKKON Natural selection: only the fittest survive. Lara and the TRex have more in common than meets the eye.9-2-07
AudienceOstercyAn interview with Natla of Atlantis written to celebrate 10 years of Tomb Raider2007
Pearls that were his eyes AKKON Nothing surprises Lara more than to be proven wrong. "People like us, Kurtis, we don't pass away in the open, do we. We'll crawl deep, deep into some burrow to stop the world from witnessing our shame." AoD's last scene.3-9-08
Slip And Stumble Acid Rush As Lara hits forty, she finds herself assessing her motives, her meaning, and her future. There's often a lot more going on than you realise at first. Look deeper. 7-14-08
Kreios’ treasureFlowing TearsLara is in Greece to find yet another treasure. This isn’t like anything she has ever found before, but she will keep it from the bad guys.9-23-08
The Atlantean WayOstercyAn “autobiography” of Natla of Atlantis spanning the period from prehistory until 1996.2008
Tomb Raider: The Mystery of Atlantis revealedGeamorghLara's college freind Alestair has deciphered part of the Voynich manuscript. When they find out that it talks about atlantis they decide to try 'nd find it before someone else does.6-1-08
Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xianfatal frame fanaticBritish adventurer Lara Croft has flown into the rural backlands of China, desperate to find clues that will lead her to the Dagger of Xian.1-28-08
Post LegendSugarDemon1035Lara saves the day, Winston saves Lara... and Alister gets a girlfriend?3-23-08
Her Immortal AdversariesMildlyInsaneThis is how Lara feels about Larson and Pierre, her immortal adversaries... Based on TR Anniversary and TR Chronicles.3-28-08
Her Moving TargetMildlyInsaneWinston and Lara have a daily routine of target practice... Winston is the target. Best understood if you've played Tomb Raider 3.3-28-08
Tomb Raider: The FountaindinolypseLara Croft is hired to find The Fountain Of Youth. Lara doesn't trust her new employer, but decides to seek it out anyway.4-1-08
Tomb Raider: Lara Croft and the Dawn of Humanitysweet-mint-fLara goes to investigate some ruins in Bulgaria. Soon she finds out that something much more than a treasure is involved...something that'll be far more significant than any other archeological find.4-4-08
Tomb Raider: Not AloneKittenKezA man from her past haunts her memories... Lara/Kurtis pairing. 4-10-08
Lara Visits TurkeyllPashNllMMy version of TR:the Angel of Darkness continuation.4-12-08
Secrets from the pastIzzie-xAfter returning to England, Lara is still mourning over Kurtis' death. But when Alex West turns up on her doorstep, she is shocked when he offers her a interesting proposal. Will she accept? And what really happened to Kurtis Trent? LCxKT LCxAW4-19-08
Lara Croft Adventures With MemoriesLoveWithHeartsLara's back in an all new adventure to seek out the legendary Arimo! She might run into some old friends,some who want to help her,and some who may want to stop her. Who knows? Maybe Kurtis will surprise her.5-12-08
Smoking ShotgunsLorze The BrookesThe old story - Lara gets Scion, Larson tries to intervene, Lara kicks his ass - but with a different twist.5-12-08
Finding AvalonFluxing RomanceLara is one step closer to finding her mother and enlists Alister to help her. Their adventure reveals more than either of them thought it would. Lara/Alister.5-26-08
MistakeMagicallionessHe always thought that it would be due to a grand moment that he’d decide he had to have her. But the moment his body finally conquers his mind is nothing like that. L/K 5-28-08
The Eternity You DesireMagicallionessLara’s pulled out of one of her relaxing exercises by Zip calling out from his lab. As she races towards it, she can just catch the last seconds of an emergency broadcast.5-28-08
Tomb Raider: Nefertitis Tomb Starring Lara CrofttombraiderluverFind out what happens to one of the world s greatest female heroines, Lara Croft. In this story, Lara explores Nefertiti s tomb.6-14-08
Tomb Raider: Let the Rain FallLaraxCroftLara gets a call from an old friend telling her he may have found the ancient artifact to finding her mother. It isn't what it seems, and Lara gets some news she wasn't prepared for.7-2-08
Tomb Raider AfterlifeNeVerScapeThe conclusion to TRA.7-3-08
Slip And StumbleAcid-RushAs Lara hits forty, she finds herself assessing her motives, her meaning, and her future. There's often a lot more going on than you realise at first. Look deeper. One-shot.7-14-08
When I'm Without Youtrfanfrombeg The Dagger of Xian and the Golden Mask have been stolen from Lara, and with the help of Kurtis Trent, saves the world from destruction. Takes place six months after Angel of Darkness and right after Underworld.7-15-08
Tomb Raider: Into the PortalLaraxCroftLara must find the Mayan Halo Ring, in an attempt to find Avalon and rescue her mother, but with a complication: Amanda Evert is trying to beat her to it. Continues from 'Let the Rain Fall'.7-26-08
ForbiddenOne Girl's Imagination.Something is up with Kurtis which is putting strain on his relationship with Lara. Plus, jealousy rises when an old friend of Lara's appears out of the blue...Alex. Zip throws Anaya a birthday party which causes sparks to fly between certain people.8-7-08
Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara CroftSweetAvenLara Croft has always been one for adventure, but what happens when she's joined by people from the past? Book 1: When Alex West comes back into the picture, bringing a new adventure. Will things heat up out in the desert.7-21-03
Time Lord and his new companion KK1987Lara Croft goes in search for an artifact but comes across something else and gets transported across the stars to the Tardis and the Doctor.8-1-08
Kreios’ treasureFlowing TearsLara is in Greece to find yet another treasure. This isn’t like anything she has ever found before, but she will keep it from the bad guys.9-23-08
Some Things Are Just the Way They AreLara.Croft's.Bloody.RoseLara Croft, a beautiful aristocrat, finds out that life is unfortunate and scary, and there is nothing on the earth to change anything. Lara learns that everything happens and you just have to deal with it. She must protect her twin girls at all costs. 10-8-08
Tomb Raider: Let the monster inDaplingLara Croft and her freinds tries to find out more about Amanda's stone...and her pet.10-18-08
Walking songAnlevaLara finds a mysterius box in a small temple. But she cant open it so it has to be harmless!...right?10-19-08
Tiger Tiger Burning BrightRi S WorldOo, aren't I clever, William Blake! Obscure first chapter I like to think, but it will make more sense as it goes.10-19-08
Unexpectedlauraj01An unexpected visitor turns up at Croft manor. Lara/Kurtis.10-23-08
Triumvirate of TwoBlackfire 18Jacqueline Natla approaches the raider woman who has assembled the ancient symbol of her legacy: The Atlantean Scion. An amazing feat. Surely such accomplishment should be rewarded.8-28-08
UNDERWORLD FALLENSawyer's girl9Dedicated to the new Tomb Raider game, Underworld, Lara goes to far greater heights in order to discover Avalon.11-20-08
Being Each OtherTRloveLara and Zip are sick and Alister is being relied on to take over Lara's job. Its all in his hands. but can he do it? Will he live?11-22-08
My AngelBlackxValentine11-22-08
I Won't Let You FallLaura-LizLara's searching through every book she has for something, but what? And why is Winston so worried?11-23-08
Tomb Raider UnderworldLaraxCroft Lara's on an adventure to find Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, to open the doors to Avalon and find her mother. The game is a direct sequel to Tomb Raider Legend.11-22-08
DifferentDaplingZip has a new love interest. However its not so easily flirted.11-27-08
Tomb Raider: AftermathBea CavendishTold from Lara's point of view after the events of Underworld and the discovery of the fate of her mother. Lara must come to terms with her knowledge, her friends and enemies, and herself.11-27-08
My love for this AngelBlackxValentineSequel to 'My Angel' Alister goes over the events of the Croft Manor burning, what happened between losing consciousness and waking up in the hospital. How will the events change the relationship between Alister and Lara?11-27-08
Cause and EffectRedHellMy very own version of what happened in Croft Manor while Lara was away all the time in Legend. Z/A.12-8-08
Snowed in togetherTRlovePowers out, Laras gone, Alister and Zip are under the attack of what they think is a mad man. A Mad Man from Laras past, a mad man with piecing blue eyes and dark hair that falls over his face. Z/A, KT/LC12-9-08
MilkTurkFoxAlister often has to do things he doesn't want to do. Still, there's always milk - that makes everything better.12-10-08
Tomb Raider: The Black SanctuaryHimitsu NotebookAfter AOD. Lara, following Karel's defeat, finds Kurtis badly injured, but still alive. The two are sucked a dark world and presented with an enemy far more powerful and brutal than any before. And Kurtis fallen for Lara....But how will she react?12-11-08
Tomb Raider: ParanoiaHimitsu NotebookSequel to Black Sanctuary. Finally recovering from the death of her loved one Kurtis, Lara is adventuring again. Lara is called to Tokyo by an old friend to investigate a series of gruesome murders. But nothing is quite as it seems...12-12-08
Tomb Raider: Spirits PrisonHimitsu NotebookSequel to Paranoia. Lara has vanished of the face of this earth. Kurtis doesn't know where to begin looking. But wherever she is s he has to find her fast. Before it's too late. And Lara isn't the only one who needs saving.12-13-08
Tomb Raider: After Life The Saiyan Angel Still recovering from the events in Hellhiem, Lara Croft is living wit her butler until her home is rebuilt. But when Natla's ctreatures of the 7th age show up and she is shot, Lara is saved by a family who have come for her help to find the Elixir of Life. 12-18-08
Coin KnitWitOur teenage heroine makes a curious discovery in the Welsh countryside. Unfortunately for her, something ancient and bitter also claims ownership of the artifact. Will she survive its wrath, or become its prisoner?12-19-08
My Angel LaraFletcher43 This is a poem by Lara. Why she loves him. Almost the same as "My Love". 12-20-08
Tomb Raider: Angel Caligo Himitsu NotebookOut for revenge over the death of Lara Croft and Kurtis Trent, his parents, Dylan Croft comes face to face with a brutal and utterly merciless organisation known as Angel Caligo. And perhaps he isn't alone in his mission... 12-21-08
The Atlantean Way: After The BombOstercy Part two 1945-1996 of what Lara Croft has unkindly described as an "autohagiography"; Natla's account of her escape and adventures in the 20th century.12-21-08
Lara Croft, My TeacherAname-ChanMei is sick of her life in the house she is in. so she runs away, later being found my Lara Croft. Mei lives in the Croft Manor and trains with Lara. But evil is around the corner, Assassins. they steal Mei and force her to work with them.12-22-08
Christmas Mistletoe A Zipster FicShanrockxMcMoZip drags Alister out in the snow to offer him a surprise. "What the bloody hell is the point of all this!" Flames keep me warm at night.12-23-08
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider AVALONGettingLuckyWithYouWhat happens when Lara learns how to use Amanda's stone? Will it change her plans for the expedition to Avalon completely? Takes place after Tomb Raider Anniversary.12-23-08
Lara Got a Job! Sort ofDocsdesktopWhen Lara gets mixed up in some Finance problems, She needs to get a job to pay Winston, Allister and Zip!12-24-08
Croft Christmas SpecialRi S WorldChristmas at the Croft Manor. A story mainly centered around Zip and Alister, of course.12-20-08
Tomb Raider: The Last HopeWebsOfIceLara has just returned from an adventure with Fellow Tomb Raider Alex Taylor. During her studies she receives a phone call from an unknown number to retrieve a lost Orb shaped artefact discovered in a hidden relic near Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela.9-7-08
To Last Long, Last LongerDeruptus Ac Fragmentum “I’m your long lost sister” she sighed “At least that’s what I think and hope to be.”12-29-08
FoundationsRedHellAlister Fletcher's a geeky, a bit conservative-looking bookworm, you say? Well, welcome to the world of alternate universes. Because concerning this story, you couldn't be more wrong.12-30-08

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