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Tomb Raider III

Obstacle Type Trap
Related Objects Quicksand
Strategy Avoid or use the shortest route.

The Swamp is a trap found in Tomb Raider III.

Although the swamp is similar to Water, Lara cannot swim in it. She will have to wade through and if the swamp is too deep, she will sink below the surface, in which case her air will run down, till she resurfaces, if she kan.


The first time Lara encounters this trap is in Tomb Raider III in the India level Jungle. After the giant slope at the beginning of the level, Lara will reach some ruins. To the left she will find a swamp that stops her from crossing over to the entrance to the Temple Ruins. When she gets into this swamp, she can climb out again on its right side.

During her visit to the South Pacific, in the level Crashsite Lara will come across another swamp, she has to navigate by hopping across safe spots.

A swamp in India that Lara has to go across.

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