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Remark: This article describes the minor artefact Sun Disk in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation. For information about the items with a very similar name in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, see Sun Discs.

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Sun Disk
Tr4 sun disk.png
Found 1999
Karnak, Egypt
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found The Great Hypostyle Hall
Level Used Sacred Lake

The Sun Disk is an artefact found in the level The Great Hypostyle Hall in The Last Revelation.

To retrieve the the Sun Disk, one must complete a puzzle of turnable, horizontal columns. When the obelisk-like horizontal columns are in the correct postition, pointing to a glass pyramid in the middle chamber, bolts of lightning break the glass and Lara is able to pick up the artefact.


Round shaped, yellow stone disk.


When combined with the Sun Goddess the Sun Disk forms a Sun Talisman. When this is placed onto its receptacle at the Sacred Lake, it rises high up and bolts of electricity start to radiate from it. These bolts open four doorways around the area.

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