Soviet Weapons Research Facility

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The Soviet Weapons Research Facility (aka Old Soviet Compound‎, Weapons Research Lab‎) is a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider only accessible when playing the Expedition Cold Darkness Awakened, one of the Downloadable Contents for that game.

Inside the facility, Lara Croft will encounter waves of zombie-like Trinity soldiers that were infected with an biological agent that was developed here during the Cold War. Lara has to shut down the facility before the agent spreads to the valley where the Remnant live.

All right, Lara, this is it. The chemical weapon, the infected Trinity soldiers, they are all coming from this old Soviet Compound. This is the place.
Nadia over radio as Lara enters the facility[1]

In order to prevent further contamination, Lara has to find the three Chemical Production Tower‎s and shut them down using Nadia's instructions she gets from an old Soviet manual