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Slice & Dice
CCG 030 Slice&Dice.jpg
Card Information
Card Set



Trapped in the Tombs





Card Statistics
Card Type

Tomb Location

Danger Rating


Search Rating


Slice & Dice is a card from the Premier set of the Collectible Card Game. It is only obtainable via the Trapped in the Tombs Quest Deck.

Card Effect

Swinging Axe (Trap): 8 Think or 10 Search.
2 Hits if failed. You may choose not to encounter the axe. If you choose to avoid the test, you cannot Search and may only exit backwards.

Flavor Text

A little advice. When you feel a little shift of the stone under your foot, duck! Razor-sharp steel blades wait for no one.

Premier Set
<<< Slide Slice & Dice Narrow Crossing >>>