Sinking Submarine

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Sinking Submarine
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section Russia Section
Level No 7
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 20 minutes
  • First Time: 40 minutes
Secrets 2
Location near Russia, Barents Sea
Level Chronology:
Deepsea Dive Sinking Submarine Gallows Tree

Sinking Submarine is the seventh level in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

This is the last level that takes place in Russia. The flooded rooms and electrical wire add to the difficulty of the level as Lara must avoid stepping anywhere near the water that comes in contact with the wire.


Having taken the Spear of Destiny, Lara returns to the submarine only to be found by Sergei Mikhailov. He takes the artefact but, not understanding its powers he causes an explosion and the submarine is damaged.

Lara makes her way through the sinking vessel, looking for a way out. She soon finds Admiral Yarofev lying on the floor. The admiral is injured and he gives Lara a key, telling her to search inside a stateroom for oxygen tanks. Lara finds the tanks, but the admiral tells her that only she can escape as there is only enough oxygen for one person. Lara promises to tell his tale.

"Tell my story. Tell how the proud men of the Russian navy fought against the enemy from inside and sacrificed their lives so their dear country might once again stand proud."




There are two Golden Roses to be found in this level.

Artefacts & Keys





First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


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