Signs of Life

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Signs of Life is one of the early game sections in the Tomb Raider Reboot, after exiting the Scavenger Den. It takes place at two different locations, at the Coastal Bluffs and in the Coastal Forest.

Lara sees one of the Endurance's lifeboats landed at the coast below and she sets out to find the survivors. She has to do some climbing and jumping in this second and escape the falling plane she has to climb. Lara finds her friend Sam's bag and takes the two-way radio, a video camera and a matchbox from it. When the storm hits, Lara seeks shelter underneath a cliff overhang where she lights a fire (at the Base Camp Sheltered Ridge) and tries to use the radio, with no success. The sections ends here and the game continues in Woman Versus Wild.


The following tasks have to be fulfilled in this level.

  • Search for traces of other survivors.
  • Follow the survivors' trail.
  • Take shelter from the storm.