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Sessions Recorder

Sessions is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains the therapy sessions of Lara. She talks to her Therapist about the things she experienced on the island of Yamatai, her friends Sam and Jonah, and her feelings about having had to kill other human beings.

Ana obviously has gotten her fingers on these Sessions since every single one contains a comment and an assessment as how to proceed best from here. She tries to push Lara towards her father's research in the hopes of getting her to finish it and lead the way to Kitezh, the Prophet, and the Divine Source, at the same time trying to separate her from Jonah, who she thinks has a "calming influence" on her.

Documents of the Sessions Set

There are six recordings in this set:

These... these are transcripts of private sessions I had following the island. How the hell did Ana get these?
Ana had been monitoring me - spying on me - everywhere I went...
Ana has been deliberately manipulating me for years, all at Trinity's bidding.
She pushed me, hoping I'd show her the way here. And I did.
She tried to keep me away from Jonah. Well, at least that's one thing she failed at...
She knows everything about me... she's been planning this since I was a child.