Sea Hag

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Sea Hag
Tr5 seahag.JPG

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Classification Immortal Opponents
Distinctiveness Can not be killed normally
Weapons Claws
Weakness Attracted by the Silver Coin

The Sea Hag is an enemy in Tomb Raider Chronicles.



The Sea Hag is protecting a silver coin that sits at the bottom. If Lara gets too close, a cut scene will be triggered, showing Lara struggling to get away from the creature. Occasionally the Sea Hag will follow Lara, and if the creature gets too close, it'll make a lot of damage.

The cutscene will keep on playing until Lara will get the item. Lara must wait until the Sea Hag gets further away, pick up the coin and swim away before it comes back.

The coin is then used to at a cage in the bottom of the same lake. The Sea Hag swims to the cage, lured by the coin. Lara traps the creature inside, and the cage is then pulled up by the little demons. Apparently the demons then eat the Sea Hag.

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