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Sarah, circa 1998

Sarah Crisman is a Tomb Raider fan fiction writer, and the first female fan to write and publish Tomb Raider stories on the Internet. To date, she has written nineteen stories set in the Tomb Raider universe (eighteen complete, one unfinished), two non-fiction essays, and countless posts on various newsgroups and forums, every last one of which she has signed with her trademark "*huggles*".

Sarah currently lives in Indiana, where she works as a clerk in a nice little used book store and tends to spend more time reading than writing.


Below is a partial timeline of this person's involvement in fandom:

  • On January 25 2001, Sarah joined [1]


Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists this person belonged to at some point.

  • newsgroup
  • newsgroup [2]
  • The Croft Codex [3]
  • The Croft Times website [4]
  • The K-Files discussion forum [5]
  • Katie's Tomb Raider Forum [6]
  • Kurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade discussion forum [7]
  • Tales of Beauty and Power [8]
  • Tomb Raider Archive [9]
  • Village of Tokakeriby discussion forum [10]


Sarah Crisman's story "The Horror of Colney Heath" was translated into German, illustrated, and published in the German fanzine "XXeL" by Tom Hesche and Tina Kreisler with the author's permission.


  • Where Westward Falls the Hill [11]
  • Just Desserts [12]
  • The Next-to-Last Mistake [13]
  • A Sudden Change of Plans [14]
  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend [15]
  • Extinction [16]

External links

  • At [17]
  • "How to Write TR Fanfic", an article at the Croft Times (8/02/1998) [18]
  • Letter from Sarah about "The Last Seed", June 6th, 1998 [19]
  • Fan fiction site Tales Of Beauty and Power interviews Sarah, 1999 [20].