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Map of Russia

Russia is located in the Northern hemisphere in Europe and Asia. It is the largest country in the world with an area of 17,075,400 km².

Russian Levels in Tomb Raider Chronicles

During World War II a German U-Boat carrying the legendary Spear of Destiny sank somewhere in the North Atlantic. A Russian crime organization headed by Sergei Mikhailov is out to retrieve it, and towards that end they have bribed a captain of the navy into using his submarine. Lara is closely on their tail. Here she must infiltrate the Zapadnaya Litsa port and sneak on board a nuclear submarine. Underwater the excavation of the wreck is done using an armoured diving suit. The stages in Russia are of an average difficulty.

Level 4 - The Base
Level 5 - The Submarine
Level 6 - Deep Sea Dive
Level 7 - Sinking Submarine

Kazakhstan Level in Legend

Kazakhstan is a neighbouring country of Russia. Alister has his moment to shine by finding obscure references suggesting that more answers might be found in Kazakhstan. A secret Soviet laboratory was dedicated to investigating the paranormal early in the Cold War, and judging by how quickly and savagely the lab was shut down and covered up by the KGB, indications are that the relics they found were indeed what Lara is searching for. Only Lara isn't the only one who's learned of the site, and she braces herself for what might turn out to be a very uncomfortable reunion.

Level 4 - Kazakhstan