Rise of the Tomb Raider Missions

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There are several Missions (aka Side Missions or Side Quests) in Rise of the Tomb Raider. These missions provide Lara with additional XP and earn her access to new areas, items, and abilities. Missions are given to Lara by the Remnant, a group of people that ally themselves with Lara in Siberia.

In a way these missions extend the Challenges of Tomb Raider (2013).

List of Missions

Soviet Installation

The following five missions are available in the Soviet Installation:

Reward: Lock Pick
Reward: Pistol Sight
  • Discover enemy troop movement plans.
  • Find the guard schedule for the gulag.
  • Reclaim archeological discovery evidence.
Reward: Rifle Suppressor
Reward: Infiltrator Outfit
  • Locate the carrier bird in the Soviet Installation.
Reward: Shotgun Spreader Choke

Geothermal Valley

The following four missions are available in the Geothermal Valley:

Reward: Ancient Horn Bow
  • Gather hardwood branches. (4)
  • Gather deer hides. (4)
  • Return to the Remnant builder.
  • Put the resources in the basket.
  • Deliver the resources to the 2nd tower.
  • Return to the first guard tower.
Reward: Battleworn outfit
Reward: Huntress outfit
  • Recover Knowledge from tombs.
Reward: Coins, Sacra Umbra outfit