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Rhona Mitra as Lara Croft

Rhona Natasha Mitra (born August 9th 1976 in London, England) was the first official Lara Croft Model in 1997, not counting Natalie Cook who did only a small campaign as Lara Croft. Eidos decided early on that they didn't want to have only one model associated with the games so she was eventually replaced by Nell Mc Andrew.

Rhona is 5'8" (1.74 m) tall and weighed 63 kilos at the time of modelling as Lara. She has brown eyes and brown hair and is of Bengali, English, and Irish descent.[1]


Rhona is a professional model and actress. She was one of the (fan) favourites for the role of Lara Croft for the Tomb Raider Movies, but then the better known Angelina Jolie, who had recently won an Oscar, was chosen.

Rhona, however, after being the first Lara Croft model, moved on to become a somewhat successful actress herself; she starred successfully in movies such as Spartacus and Rise of the Lycans, and TV productions like Boston Legal.[2]


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