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Research Notes Recorder

Research Notes is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains the journal of Ana. It describes in detail the way she manipulated first Lord Croft and then his daughter Lara, how she betrayed them for information on the Divine Source. Furthermore it tells of Ana's and Konstantin's childhood, how she carved the stigmata into his hands and whispered in his ears the idea of divine intervention, how she made him believe he was destined for something great.

The severe illness starts to cloud Ana's judgement, but she is still determined to see the Source in her hands. She wants Konstantin as the leader of the new world order that will come when Trinity rules with the power the Source provides.

Documents of the Operational Report Set

There are six recordings in this set:

A fragment of Ana's journal. She's been manipulating my family for years. All this time... and I trusted her.
More pages of Ana's personal journal. She's been working for Trinity longer than I've known her. Everything I know about her is a lie...
Another part of Ana's personal journal. She's completely bought into Konstantin's delusions...
More of Ana's personal journal. Whatever disease she has, it's starting to affect her mind. Bit it's not as if she were the very picture if mental stability before...
A piece of Ana's personal journal. She's giving up on trying to turn me to her side. Now she thinks she can break me... Well, come and see, Ana. I'll be waiting.
Ana has manipulated her brother for years, shaped him into the monster he has become. I almost feel sorry for him.